LOVEVERY Playkit 0-12 weeks


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The Mobile

Two sides provide months of visual exploration and focus at diaper time.

Sensory Links

The perfect Play Gym and stroller accessory: switch, hang, and separate the links for new sensory exploration.

Simple Black & White Card Set

Babies are riveted by high contrast images in the early months.

Standing Card Holder

Make tummy time more fun wherever you are—folds for easy storage.

Complex Black & White Card Set

As your baby's vision develops, they'll become interested in more complex patterns.

Black & White Mittens

Promote hand discovery, hand control, and body awareness.

Wooden Book

Baby's first book made with sustainably harvested wood.

Silicone Rattle With Removable Ball

Perfect for grasping—and learning how to track moving objects and sounds.

Play Guide for Weeks 0–12

Ways to play, expert tips, development information, and at-home activity ideas during weeks 0–12.