LOVEVERY Playkit 11-12 months


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Organic Cotton Baby Doll

A pal for play. Please select a skin tone from the three options. Tan Skin Tone Baby Doll included in subscription orders unless otherwise specified.

Wooden Peg Drop

Strengthen precise fine motor skills with this engaging problem-solving challenge.

Sliding Top Box

Build strength, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving skills with this surprising box.

'Animals I See' Mini Book

Small enough for baby to hold—and interesting enough to make diaper time more tolerable.

Sensory Switchboard

Practice pushing, flipping, and twisting to explore cause and effect, and the fun of switches without the electronics.

Pincer Puzzle

Practice the pincer grasp while working on gross and fine motor skills at the same time.

Opposites Balls

Explore light versus heavy and sinking versus floating—for fun on the floor or in the bath.

Play Guide for Months 11–12

Ways to play, expert tips, development information, and at-home activity ideas during months 11–12.